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More than 1 million donor videos. Choose any video from our partner site XVIDEOS.COM as the basis of your own PornDeepFake video.  

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FaceShifter v.3 technologies.


FaceShifter v.3 is a private two-step neural network framework for realistically replacing one person's face with another in a photo or video. This model supports partial concealment of the face behind various objects.

To date, FaceShifter v.3 is much better than previous approaches, preserving the traits of the target person in the generated image. Our technology uses two networks: one creates a fake face and takes the position of the head, facial expression, lighting, color, background and other attributes of the original photo for the fake.

The second network compares the photo created by the first network with the original photo. If it detects facial areas covered with hair, sunglasses or inscriptions, it eliminates possible errors in the first network.

In the end, faces disappear behind the hair again, letters can be deciphered, and makeup sits where it is. And we get a result that's indistinguishable from the original.

Our neural network has been trained with hundreds of thousands of different NSFW photos and videos. We've reached a level where we can use even one photo and the result will be indistinguishable from the original. And in the end we get the perfect overlap of the face with the other person's body.

All you need is a picture of the face of the person we want to make the video on, one of the video scenes that are on the site and some time to calculate. At the end of the video rendering process, we have a unique porn video, which is very difficult to distinguish from the original and does not need to have a rich imagination to believe that the video is real.

We're not standing still, we're developing a sound substitution technology (SVT) that will replace the voice in the original video with a custom one. And soon your deepfake model will be able to speak with the voice you know.

We also test a system of visual patches that allow us to add tattoos, birthmarks and scars to the body of the model.
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It is forbidden to use photos of people under 18 years old.

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Our Neural Network is specially trained on NSFW content. Therefore, the realism of the final PornDeepFake video will be indistinguishable from the original donor video. 

Our most powerful CPUs create videos in the shortest possible time. What amateurs spend days on, we complete in a few hours.
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It's very soon. We are adjusting the last step to launch PornDeepFake's unique VR video creation service.
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